FIRST exhibition a HUGE success

 17 February – White Night Melbourne
Tara Institute member Jeremy Cohen leads a Tara meditation…

Over 3,000 people saw the 21 Taras Thangka in its first ever exhibition at White Night Melbourne 2018, entitled,”Tara the Liberator”.

Without signs to entice them, these fortunate ones took three escalator rides underground to relax and gaze in comfortable semi-darkness, listening to Lama Zopa’s mantras set to gentle music, some reviewing explanatory maps of the 21 Taras’ powers and praises.

Short meditations on the hour throughout the night provided focus and guidance. In the foyer, people made paper lotuses to offer to Tara or keep as a memento.

Some people meditated throughout the night. Several visitors came back again later, bringing friends and family.  Hundreds signed up to receive resources by email.

Comments and dedications written in our Visitors’ Book included:
“May all sentient beings benefit!”
“Beautiful. Thank you to the Artist.”
“Very inspiring.”
“To all I’ve wronged.”
“Blessed by this amazing painting, thank you.”
“Amazing! Wow, wow, wow!”

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