The Artist Peter Iseli

Peter Iseli is a master thangka painter based in Switzerland. His successful career goes back to the 1970s. He has presented his work in many exhibitions in museums and galleries, won prizes in significant visual arts institutions, and has displayed important projects in public buildings in the Swiss city of Bern.

Since the 1970s, Peter has painted many thangkas, large and small, to directly fulfil Lama Zopa Rinpoche’s vision of their beneficial impact on world peace and on all the humans and animals who see them. This 21 Taras thangka is the biggest of them all!

The thangka is so huge, artist Peter Iseli, aided by his wife Jangchub Iseli-Sangmo had to paint it in sections and they had not seen it completely unfurled until White Night Melbourne, in February 2018.

Here they are looking at their four years’ work for Lama Zopa for the first time:

Read more about Lama Zopa’s actions here: Large Thangkas Around the World

The thangkas are on an amazing scale, as is Peter’s generosity – he undertook to paint them without charge. However, Tara Institute made a significant offering to Peter for the many years that it took him to complete The 21 Taras thangka for us here in Melbourne.


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