About The 21 Taras Thangka

What is a ‘thangka’?

A ‘thangka’ is a visual image of the perfectly developed heart and mind which, to Buddhists, is the innate potential of every living being. Thangkas are sometimes sewn and embroidered and most are framed in brocade. Giant thangkas are traditionally displayed for special occasions and huge gatherings.
This vast thangka of the 21 Taras was painted by a highly respected Swiss artist trained in the Tibetan tradition, Peter Iseli.
Thangka Truck1
Even when it is rolled up, the thangka can only be transported on the back of a semi-trailer. Here you see it about to be taken away from Tara Institute in Brighton…

The 21 Taras Thangka is 14 metres high and 9.5 metres wide.

It stands taller than a 4 storey building, so standing in front of it, you will certainly appreciate why it took the artist, Peter Iseli, so many years to paint.

relative size 21 Taras thangka