Help Us Hang This Enormous Painting for Public Exhibition

What the world needs now is kindness, compassion and quick action — the qualities and power of Tara.

Tara is the supreme female energy. She is Guan Yin, the Madonna, the mother of all the Buddhas! She is beautiful, strong, fearless; she makes our good qualities bloom and brings worldly success and spiritual progress.

Each of the 21 Taras has a special power to help us: to grant long life, prosperity, relationship harmony, to protect us from jealousy, anger, sickness and troublemakers.

This is not just an astonishing piece of art

Lama Zopa Rinpoche has had this huge thangka made so that it may help all who see it. It is not a public spectacle, it is an act of love and a gift of hope. Rinpoche says that it will bless animals and humans so it is open to anyone of any belief and way of life.

Tara Institute’s plans

After White Night, the Thangka will be at Heart of Wisdom retreat in Bendigo. Then we are aiming for the Exhibition Building in 2019. Will you help us plant the seeds of world peace?

We are exploring the best dates for the exhibition, which will feature food, music, dancing, animal blessings… Expert staging technicians are engineering the gigantic display; brocade surrounds are being sewn.

Be a part of it all

Please join us in offering an extraordinary gift of joy and optimism to the people of Melbourne.

Connect to Tara’s power now

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